Adams Morgan for Reasonable Development is a DC §11.29 Unincorporated Non-profit Association (UNA) founded in 2010.  The UNA is a simple and lightweight legal structure for nonprofits which has members and managers.  It gives the flexibility and power of LLCs to small neighborhood citizens organized for local causes.   We are homeowners, renters, and residents living, working, and playing in Adams Morgan who are concerned about the future of our neighborhood.  Our current managers, which we call Facilitators, are longtime neighborhood residents Vikram Surya Chiruvolu, Chris Otten, and Terry Tyborowski, and we welcome direct contact from anyone concerned about the development of Adams Morgan.  Our current membership includes over 600 people who have signed a successful 2016 petition to Save Our Plaza in Adams Morgan to our Ward One Council Member.

We asked the Council Member to call on SunTrust to work with the community to resolve our claim on the southwest corner of 18th Street Columbia Rd NW DC. We also did lots of research, unearthed critical documentation, and hired lawyer Paul Zukerberg who in turn wrote an opinion that the public has enjoyed an easement on this property for purposes of crossing, gathering, performing and farmers marketing since the bank was built in 1977.  The Council Member did respond to our petition and legal opinion in October 2016, calling SunTrust to the table, but the bank ignored her and all of us in the neighborhood.

So in July 2017, along with the neighborhood group Kalorama Citizens Association we filed suit to stop the razing of the Plaza.  In August 2017, we won a preliminary injunction from DC Superior Court Judge Todd Edelman, and in Spring 2018 will present the case.  If you believe that the public has a right to continue to use the Plaza as it has for over 40 years, and if you believe SunTrust Bank has a responsibility to be a good neighbor and property owner in the neighborhood, please join us by joining our member list,   following us on social media, and attending one of our regularly scheduled meetings, which we often hold right on the Plaza.