A big local developer wants to turn our plaza into cash for themselves.  Here is a look at the plans and other information on the ANC website.

Instead of this unattractive development that would take public space and turn into money for a wealthy few, the petitioners ask that:

The pedestrian intersection at 18th Street and Columbia Road, NW be improved, yet remain a central community gathering space and plaza serving the residents of Adams Morgan. 

Sign the petition.

We are opposed to the current PN Hoffman plan to build a 80+ foot tall Bethesda-like apartment complex that would subsume the public plaza we use and enjoy now.

We support city intervention that will protect our plaza from encroachment by any proposed project at this central site in our neighborhood.

We support the City in any effort to purchase this property so that we the residents can shape future development at this special location. 

We want to preserve our plaza as an improved open public space that can positively effect all future generations who come to live, work, and play in our neighborhood. 

We want progressive and serious engagement by our elected officials, especially our Ward One Council Member, regarding this critical planning issue that could forever change the c haracter of our historic neighborhood.

Click here to sign the petition.

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